Friday, January 16

JK up to 25%

Kerry comes up to 25% in the Zogby poll - but what does that mean? With the complexity of the Iowa caucuses and the need for highly roganized coordination in Iowa - it is going to be quite a race. Interestingly enough, listening to the pundits on the Tv - you hear from CNN that "it is a four-way race" - and rarely hear about how Kerry is truly doing. At times, it seems as though they are It seems that FOX seems to love Kerry -- always speaking highly of Kerry.

From the DC office -- the campaign is operating on all-cylinders -- but the excitement is in the offices both in Iowa and New Hampshire -- feeling the excitement that only a Presidential Campaign can provide. The other offices -- especially the Feb 3rd States are getting teed up. What will be interesting is what happens on Jan 20th. When it happens -- watch out.