Monday, August 29

Apple v Samsung - why the hubbub?

A few friends asked me to clarify what I was talking about on Bloomberg this morning regarding the Samsung v Apple "War" - which I thought was quite a quaint way of putting things.

The basic story is this (for anyone not part of the "technosphere"): Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung in various countries - halting the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a number of their smartphones. Apple's claims are that Samsung has violated a number of their patents - which is well outlined here at This Is My Next. It is one hell of a roundup and discusses all of the points that Apple is contending.

Now, this sounds bad for Samsung, but there are a number of issues that Apple was unable to address which include getting the patent infringement cases going in all of the European countries since they did not file patents in all of the countries they would have liked. Additionally, the Dusseldorf court ruled that Samsung could sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be sold everywhere in Europe EXCEPT Germany. And there are hints that Apple came to Germany to fight the patent infringements because of the way the German courts lean.

And then recently, Apple also filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Australia, which Samsung is also fighting - and has voluntarily chosen to delay its launch for a month.